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For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – MAGIC

PC : Christopher Campbell

Magic is what I am called,
and what runs in my veins.
Of stardust and wishes and light,
I might be a star, sprinkling
energy crystals all over.
I hear whispered voices
from unseen worlds.
Cosmic dreams, I see often,
and I dare to live in them.
I have a connection –
so instant and intense,
with some places of first times.
Hidden presence I feel,
the moment I think am alone.
I meet you for the first time,
but I know your soul and mine,
are all part of this big universe.
I and you created in a way so same,
and of the same celestial matter.
We are atoms of a conscious creation,
and matter and love.
Magic is what lives in me,
and magic is what lives in you.
I and you are all part of a plan,
of magic and this universe.
The very reason why,
each time we look up at the sky,
even when we have a silver halo,
we are the same ten year old,
counting and searching for stars,
at the backyard of home.


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