For Eugi's Weekly Prompt - MAGIC PC : Christopher Campbell Magic is what I am called,and what runs in my veins.Of stardust and wishes and light,I might be a star, sprinklingenergy crystals all over.I hear whispered voicesfrom unseen worlds.Cosmic dreams, I see often,and I dare to live in them.I have a connection -so instant and... Continue Reading →


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle. The words given being - HOIST, PHRONESIS, BLINK, SMELLY, EYES, SHRINK, BAFFLE, FEATHER, VARIOUS, BITE, SOURCE, PARADE

When it was Childhood !! / Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet In those days of childhood, When I was under the hood, Of mom and dad and all around, When I was always home bound.   When all that mattered was just, The moment to be lived best, When dreams were limited, To a peer’s possessions –prized, When the concern was only... Continue Reading →

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