Lavender Feels

Sonya’s Three Line Tale #235

photo by Léonard Cotte

“Lavender” has always been an emotion for her ever since she heard the color, she has felt the beauty of them flowers with her hand and in the evenings, its scent filled her room taking her to the dreamy world of lavender fields spread beyond sight, easing her pain of the dark world and then she would dose off.

This night but, she was anxious and even the candle infused with her favorite aroma could not bring her to sleep – the night before her surgery – she hoped to get rid of her blindness that crippled here from early stages childhood.

Her mother affirmative of the positive result of surgery, very well knew her daughter’s love for lavender and she had found the perfect place for her daughter to open her eyes to the thing she loved the most – miles and miles of lavender fields, tufts of flowers swaying in the gentle breeze like ladies in lavender gowns dancing, with the sun trying to woo them with his radiance, hovering over the field wishing that he would rise everyday in their heads and set in their hearts.


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