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Blue Love/ Poem for 06/10/2019

The two blue eyes,
Since that day,
Knew no peace.
The fine day when,
The sky was blue.
The misty mountains,
To the north,
Wore a blue hue.
The gentle breeze,
Whispering love to her,
Set on a motion,
Her blue danglers.

She was in love,
And the color of love,
Being blue for her.
Her heart turned blue,
The moment she saw him.
His eyes in sync with,
The blue ocean behind.
She longed to swim,
In those deep blues.
She wanted the rare
Blue pearl from the depth.
They dived deeper,
In blue love,
With each beat of
The dark blue heart.

But, destiny had a Plan B.

They could not breathe,
In the great depths.
They had to come up,
Till they could see the
Blue sky above.
And the deep color,
They shed deepened the
Ocean color.

The love between them,
Did leave a blue stain but
On the heart-
A part of which is still BLUE.
The blue love between them
Remained still-
Like the blue sky above
And the blue ocean below-
Of the same color,
But never together.

The prompt for the day was BLUE
and I chose Blue Love .

This being my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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