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At Home With Death

This is a poem that I wrote for the theme " AFTER LIFE" , which is the theme for the month of September on Free Verse Revolution. Everyday the blog will publish one poem each, based on the given theme, from writers across.I too tried writing on the theme and it has been published on... Continue Reading →

Day, Night and their Love

Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Night meets Day Casey Horner The day dawned as usual,but amiss was somethingNot as bright as every day,and not as yellow as he used to be.Shadows of gloom conceived,and clouds of grey encroached.None knew the reason,not even the birds of sky.Thunders dropped andlightening flashed andhe was too restless.Rays of sun heavy... Continue Reading →


For Shweta's Saturday Six Word Story Prompt - TRAVEL ToRavelAndVindicateEverythingLife ~Giving wings to your wishful heart~ ~Travel like wind, to narrate stories~ ~Collecting missing pieces of your soul~ COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Old Life

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Photo Challenge #320 Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on The four sides of the rectangle,closing in from all sides.The vicious circles of life,On a mechanical spiraling frenzy.Melodies of memories made,Damp and dry smell of roads crossed,Beauty of the old handsome gulmohar tree,Standing tall and braving odds,laying down a carpet of orange.I have spent... Continue Reading →

My Obdurate Mister !!

Sammi Cox : Weekend Writing Prompt #161 – Obdurate Oh Mister !! My dear Mister !!Why doth you have two minds of own?To my plea, listen once.Collect for me, all those words,That I fed you with.Think for me ideas - new and many,For I ache to write.Your left with right and,Right gone with the left.How may... Continue Reading →


I was nominated for this award by H.R Phoenix.If you have not checked out her blog, you should. She has some amazing write ups, short stories, book reviews and everything that will interest you. So go and check out her blog guys 🙂 Phoenix.. am so sorry for doing this late post. I was supposed... Continue Reading →

Tiny Angels

Mindlovemisery's Photo Challenge #317 Flickering rabbit ears,Bunny hops around the house,Sticking out those naughty tongue,Somersaults on the bed,Loud screams and scraped knees,Scattered toys and messy hallways,Muddy footprints all around.Are we blessed or are they kind?Follow them without a soundand you can see tiny wings,Of those angels sent for you. COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,... Continue Reading →

This is IT

Thursday Poetry Competition - FRIENDSHIP - Make some Room The strangest kind of love,Or be it called friendship,Lingered in the air of my room,Where its four walls breathed.A sense of comfort,A smell of consolation,Spoken without words,A sensation so strong.With warmth, they received me,Kept me safe with concern.Managed my all seasons,And kept with dignity.They've seen... Continue Reading →

I shall Fade

For Weekend Writing Prompt #157- FADE Sammi Scribbles Into a frame From your life, And then the attic. I shall fade next From your memories. COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Prompted by Eugi's Causerie -DANCE Whirl and whirl,Shalt you and me.Round and roundLike to meditate.Move around andMake no stop,Lest one of us Knows no fragranceOr both of usMelts away as wax.While we whirl,And move around,Thou shall be The oak tree of might,And I shall beClimbing rose - tender.Delicate and precious,Mighty and strong,Our dance shall be.Bloom... Continue Reading →

Pitch In !!!

Pitch in folks. This time my heart reverberates, whispering to me that the world ought to know who I am. I have been interpreted by many in their own words – but that is not my problem. What really matters to me is what I think who I am. Because I have not promised anyone... Continue Reading →

Light after Fright/ Homophones

Across the mete,Away from the heat,Offers of meat,And a good lot to meet.Just one trip of the feet,To take the seat.But ebbing pride,And egoistic tide,Within and from every side,The animal lived in hide,Hindering his only chance - to be pryed.Not knowing about the light,At the end of fright. Written for MindloveMisery's Menagerie - Saturday Mix-... Continue Reading →

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