Blooming Bleeding Heart

MLMM – Photo Challenge #330
Eugi’s Weekly PromptTree of Life

Free Verse Revolution – September Writing PromptEMBALM
I was late for this submission !! Missed the spot this time… !!!

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A bleeding heart shall bloom this spring,
with memories of last winter as patches
all over the red throbbing body.
It shall be the color blue,
and they might shine so bright,
that even the white ladies of the night,
shall be put to a shame.
They shall remain as souvenir,
of the love we shared and our promises,
to last till the end of time.
And whenever your eyes fall upon them,
waves of memories shall engulf you,
leaving in a state of cheer-
the reason you might never know.

We were happy, we were contented,
till He decided to lead me,
through the tunnel of light,
an open door to the other world.
But as was our promise not to part,
I linger around,
in all shades of colors,
but none you could see.
No, it’s not a blame upon you,
but one that shows the silliness
of the “most advanced”.
And when the pet mutt senses me ,
he stares into the vast hollow,
making you the most uncomfortable,
I leave you for the night.

This spring will be different.
for it marks my journey forever.
Embalming my body with
those tears from your eyes,
seeping through the soil into my grave,
a nourishment to the seeds-
the children of your sorrow and
my essential liberation.
Weep not this time,
break not this last time,
for those swollen nerves of your
beautiful eyes, keep me tied down.
But remember this –
every spring, I shall bloom.
A bleeding heart shall bloom this spring,
with memories of last winter as patches
all over the red throbbing body,
on the grave of me,
by the river, down the hill,
under what we called as
the tree of Life.


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    1. Am so happy to have that heard from you dear Eugi ❤️ your prompts are always so beautiful 😄😄

      I tried Spillwords in the beginning and have it has been long time now..but will surely do more 😃😃

      Thank you so mucj Eugi for that info. Will surely check that and will try to publish !!
      Thank you so so so much dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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