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Piece of Soul

Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent

In search of the missing piece of my soul,
I stroll into the night as a weary traveler,
only to be stopped at the banks of a stretch
reaching out to the heart of the river.
The water at a trance  – a gifted state-
gulping down the blue wine being poured
from the Silver City and adulterated with
water from the fluffy filters of grey.
The wind often disrupts this state of high
causing ripples, unaware on the surface.
With a parched mouth but for words,
I walk towards the blue liquid,
which held a piece of the moon.
My soul too looked alike but for now,
let me quench my thirst
that left me dry, devoid of emotions and love.
I was greedy for the wetness it could give.
Not willing to share with even the weeds,
I pluck them one by one and leave the land upturned.
Gulping down the blue light and blue water,
I shine bright and radiate a damp smile.
I was all beauty and satiated,
my mind calm and at rest.
I have found the lost piece I searched for,
in the waters that reflected the universe.
The sun, the stars, the moon, the vast expanse,
the galaxies, the stardust and the many mysteries.
For let me argue – what or who but the water,
through love and wrath, heat and cold,
storm and wind and peaceful nights,
endures everything with such grace,
only to remain as a calm mirror,
showing your true worth and
all the missing pieces are at last found.


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