Ah Love !!

For Mindovemisery’s Wordle #193,
Sunday Writing prompt – Secret Admirer,
Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces

PC : Pexels.com

Her absence, in mortal,
never did bother him.
His every breath taken,
assured her presence.
He was known to be
her secret admirer.
He stalked her often,
Only to meet with her glower.
She often jibed him-
Her words stabbing him.
“Such a plaintive one!
Blind to his dark sides,
His piercing eyes
Like running water,

Clinging on to my
Beautiful blonde hair,
Opposed to his ugly,
shabby dark mess.”

He always knew,
When he constructed
A world with her,
Where he would be
On his knees for her,
it was easy for her
with just a stinky stare,
to get it destructed.

Ah love– you careless brute!!
Why drench the ones
in your so called rain,
when for some,
instead of enjoying,
can only feel the pain
of acids slowly
corroding their insides?
Why? When you are
meant to give life,
takes away the
very meaning of life?
Why love, when you
are meant to be kind,
do you become
the most cruel?

COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan, thetenthzodiac.wordpress.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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