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Mystery of LIFE/ Poem for 27/10/2019

The many realms of mind flickering,
The path of me to here yet unknown,
Fate or destiny or free will - mystery mastering,
Or the dice of God's own play well known.
Life stares back at you and turns tittering,
When the flow was perfect - hopes had grown.
Reincarnations may be as my faith tells me,
Life after life of the same soul - poor me.

Decisions or emotions will count too,
When the mold is made.
Hard as a rock or soft as silk to woo,
The shape takes shape of the strongest trade.
But when how or why - it still is rude,
The riddle keeps popping and its parade.
I have asked for this kind of life,
Faith or God or my mistakes- I have got it all for life.

The prompt for 27/10/2019 : destiny, fate, rebel, choice, chromosomes, singularity
Poetry Type : Ottava Rima

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019


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