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Lightness. / Poem for 29/10/2019

A feather afloat is a sight pretty,
Lightness in its being,
Detached from the bird it goes,
Not concerned about the where and how.

A dry leaf falling from the tree,
After a whole destiny of synthesize,
Color and identity lost in the process,
To the ground , to be the soil.

A dandelion- the terrific ones,
Dancing in the wind as they go,
So subtle and light in form,
Spreading the genes of life- obligation.

The wind who carries feathers and dandelions,
Picks up scents and dust too.
They do not make a sound ,
But enjoys the free ride they get.

The single strand of hair that we lose,
When their life was making up the mane,
Frees themselves from the burden of tangles,
Down they fall - here and there and everywhere.

The hot sun rays when embracing earth,
Who spins and moves around him of course,
Shows the same love to the moon too,
Who cools her down from those hot rays.

This life too is too exciting,
The burdens and struggles are but real,
Let them go and feel the wind,
Be the feather, dandelion and the dry leaf.

Dance in the rain and bathe in the sun,
Soak in the moon rays and sleep all day,
Talk to the trees and grass and even walls,
Let there be lightness in this being of life.
Today's Prompts : Lightness in Being
Poetry Type : Free Verse

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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