F for FRUSTRATION/ Poem for 21/10/2019

Boiling blood and Fuming Rage and Cloudy Brain and
Frustration,Anxiety,Anger-reeling inside and out and
Aggression, Invasion,Tension and Grief engulfing and
Death of Brain.
Losing Vision.
Aching soul.
Swollen eyes.
Loosing self.
Punching bags and letting out, venting out into thin air
Accepting and expecting not. Breathing in and out. Life
Gratitude.Relaxing. Writing. Calming down. Nature.
Music &
Dancing &
Music &
Singing &
Music &
Smiling &
Music &
Let go &
Music &

Prompt for Oct 21, 2019 : Frustration
Poetry Type : Shape Poetry

My entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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