Invisible Box/ OctPoWriMo Day 13

OctPoWriMo Day 13

What kind of box holds you? Is it one of your own making, or did others trap you there? What will it take to break free? If you’ve already broken free, what helped you do so?
The boxes that hold us can be many things: work, gender, clothing, sexuality, family, religion, etc. Boxes can be so comfortable that coming out is terrifying and even painful sometimes. But the freedom is usually worth it.
Word Prompts: Chains, Freedom, Breakthrough, Open mind, Flight

I have known how freedom tastes.
and have savored every drop.
It was not easy for me,
I had to fight my flight for existence.

A molded destiny awaited me,
shaped by words and thoughts of
men and women and trees and stones.
Even before I was born,
the stars decided my life.
I was even given a name before my entrance.
I wish I had an option to choose.
And then they gave me a box to live.
The length, breadth, height and width of the box,
were all made of chains – their make.
My intense emotions and strong thoughts,
but could not be contained.
And as I grew up, the box shrunk from all sides.
No longer could I breathe.
I stooped with the weight of my thoughts.
I had to break free, I had to stand straight.
There were mouths- oh so many of them,
trying to weigh me down – even threatened.
When time slipped through my hands,
I stood straight, and spread my wings.
I watched as the box shattering ,
but making a loud noise deafening my ears.
I endured the shrill and the shriek,
while the walls made a clangour,
and closed my eyes to escape the view.
There, the whole box was gone.
Then I knew, I imagined to live inside,
when the box was not real.
It was only a thought, instilled by those
crippled and broken by their own lack of empathy.
Now I have an open mind,
and wind under my wings and,
a whole new sky to soar.


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