Three Lives

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Crystal Ball

Sadje’s What do you See – Keep it Alive – #49

Image credit- Evan Clark @ Unsplash

The three lives- past, present and future,
perched on my hand- a bird- white, grey and black.

An imminent migration from the yesterdays,
shedding my feathers of burden.
I have covered distances,
got bruised and bled many times.
But my feathers kept coming back.
My present flies with me,
I see myself in a pool of bluish green water,
reflecting my face and
the depth of my thoughts but
not my ire and the orange fire
that ignited my flight and
the fire that colored my feathers black-
for, the water was calm.
I look through the foggy future,
spread across- a mix of white and grey.
Unfurling the secrets to me,
slow and steady.
Before I knew, the fog embraced me.

But, long time ago,
the fog inside a crystal ball,
dared to predict me.
Dared to set boundaries for my wings,
and dared to keep me grounded.
What I did ? –
released the fog from the misery of slavery,
freed the fog from years of bondage-
I shattered the ball.


39 thoughts on “Three Lives

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  1. Wow Nima! I love this!! Such a beautiful take on the prompt!

    “released the fog from the misery of slavery,
    freed the fog from years of bondage-
    I shattered the ball.”
    I love the ending…it was so so nice!!!❀

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I will, we’ll all take extra care while travelling.
            I’ll be going with my family to our hometown to visit grandparents for a few weeks. 😊 It’s been a long time since we met..
            Take care dear ☺️🌸

            Liked by 1 person

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