I know I am late… still wanted to try this .
For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – RENEWAL

When the world comes to a stop,
When the earth decides not to spin,
When the sun will no longer rise,
And the moon will fall asleep,
Then, maybe then, shall we think,
To renew our hopes.

Hope – hopping around with two little legs,
Barring us from everything less than  joy.
Life might take a sudden twist and,
we might stumble upon sturdy rocks.

Rocks – even one -mighty enough,
To shatter the glass palace built today,
To wait for the dreams of tomorrow,
And watch today fly away with glass wings.

Wings- fluttering away realities,
Circling around fantasy world-
the one you made for getaway,
But can easily be devoured by a wave.

Waves – lost in the ocean of greed,
Each time trying to reach the limit,
But not even half the way done,
And survives with just the color of sky.

Sky- Who better knows the theme?
The sun, the moon, the stars,
The clouds, the rainbow and even the colors,
A realm of constant change,
Bringing forth renewal of hope – again.


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        1. Hmmm… same here dear.. though not working, my son’s e learning going on.. even though he is only in LKG 😦 he is enrolled in a school in UAE. So.. here or there, makes no difference. And I have to be with him the whole time and even after the classes. But struggling with internet connection 😦 😦 and blogging is only after he sleeps at night !!!

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