Last Dance

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt : DANCE #writephoto

When my tiny legs first felt my body’s weight,

They asked me to dance.

The time was not right, I said.

But, the audience already took their seats.


When my legs took those firm steps,

They asked me to dance.

I am not yet ready, I said.

The audience still waited.


Years passed and seasons changed.

Audience still at their places but,

Their life took forms of beautiful butterflies

And moved on.


But today is the day I will dance.

The sun shine not so bright,

The dew drops not all gone and

Not so fresh air lingered.


I shall swirl and swirl today,

Tomorrow and maybe some more.

Till I melt and seep into the depths,

When the sun shall shine so bright.


The audience though lifeless,

Waits with their lifeless bodies,

As rocks of misfortune,

Still mourning for the next dance.


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