Mindlovemisery’s Music Challenge

Might I say that you have fooled,
And continue to fool all around?
Yes, Mr. Fantasy, am talking to you.
Be all ears and listen to me.

How well have you tricked the little ones
From school, to give them promises false?
And how mean were you to see them
Get punished for that?
You always have kept the teens busy,
By mocking them in all their ways.
You talked to their pillows lies,
And made them dream about those lies?
Oh !! You always find holes in the mind
And seeped in through the tiniest,
You made it rain on sunny days,
And snow falls on summer days.
You have teased and you have jibed,
You are mean and you are seen !!!

But dear Mr. Fantasy, I have something
else too to confide in.
Unicorns and rainbow lands,
Little fairies and fairy songs,
Elves and dragons and talking trees,
Witches, wizards and their curses,
Mermaids, mermen and magical fish,
And a never ending list of these.
Aren’t you the one who gave all these?
You make a world so real away from the real,
And often give glimpses of the land.
But never Mr. Fantasy did you let anyone
To breathe in magic forever.
Do you fear if you do that,
You might lose your spell?
Perhaps you might  !!!


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