Into the deep mystic scape I dwell,
hoping to find a long lost acquaintance.
Pouring coffee into my favourite blue cup,
Serving me hot chocolate cookies,
making sure water is just right,
And being there for me no matter what.
Oh!! How have I missed that one rock of mine?

To find the missing color of the rainbow,
by travelling to other side of the world.
Plucking stars from the sky,
To add shine to my midnight paintings.
Taking me to the moon,
So that I never fall short of light and love.
Such was thy friend of mine.

But when the little things lost their glory,
When I shut my door to that world of mine,
I lost the only one I had with me.
I lost the one who made sure I lived.
I left the world of subtle feelings,
And never looked back.
I miss the time when everything was simple.

So, I dug out deep to find the key,
Struggled to open the creaky door,
And there he was in all glory.
We didnโ€™t speak a word,
Just a tight hug did all the exchange.
After all, isolation gives you the best gift,
A friend, a rock and a mate โ€“ YOU.

COPYRIGHT ยฉ 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Written for Thursday Poetry Competition

Thank you Shreya for introducing me to this page. I would never have known about this without your post on ISOLATION!!

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