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Tag: writing challenges

  • Twilight Silence

    Written for Kristiana’s August Writing Prompt #4 – TWILIGHT SILENCE on Freeverserevolution An eerie silence steps in,as the last birds make their call.The cloud of darkness unveils andmystery fogs in.When vile fantasies come alive,I hold on to the bit of sanityleft somewhere in the cornersof my shivering shaken brain.My once valiant soul ora pretend game […]

  • Transition

    For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Transition Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge – Day and Flaw Masking shady flawsSidereal day embarks changeGloomy transition Silent sins of dayfracturing turbulent dreamsexhausted two eyes Reluctant sunlightsky colored in fumes of greytime passage delayed Early bright sun raysmelting waxy foams of cloudsmetamorphosis COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL […]

  • Half Moon Shadow

    For Kristiana’s August Writing Prompt #3 – HALF MOON SHADOWS Kristiana chose mine to be one among the top 3 responses for the week.You can read mine, Kristiana’s and Priya’s Contributions here. Earth gave birth to the nightand her bosom was so tender,and milk spilled all over her body.Gentle wind soothing her aches andTrees singing […]

  • Weekly Haiku Challenge #319 by Ronovan

    Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge – TRIP, WHIP On Trips MadeTripping down the laneSatiating wanderlust soulwhipping memories (Here Tripping stands for touring and whipping for collecting) Funwhipping cream unseentripping hard to floor huggingspared from broken bones (Here Tripping is Falling) Dreamswhipping beloved dreamssoul swinging between two worldsovertired mornings (Here Whipping is Collecting and Swinging: Synonym for […]

  • A Wedding Dress

    MLMM Saturday Mix – Double Take The ‘Double Take’ challenge focuses on the use of homophones* to build your writing piece. You have two sets of homophones and you are challenged to use all of them in your response – which can be poetry or prose.Our homophone sets this week are:aisle – walkwayI’ll – contraction of “I […]

  • Day, Night and their Love

    Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Night meets Day The day dawned as usual,but amiss was somethingNot as bright as every day,and not as yellow as he used to be.Shadows of gloom conceived,and clouds of grey encroached.None knew the reason,not even the birds of sky.Thunders dropped andlightening flashed andhe was too restless.Rays of sun heavy with grief,lacked […]

  • Grey Thoughts

    For MTB: Stream of Consciousness Writing from dVerse Poets Life’s incessant tapestrygoes on and on, no halt.Lucid dreams but in black, and white is only the moon.My thoughts, but in greyhover in the skies aswandering clouds in grim unable to decide whether and where,to drizzle or to rain or to storm.In doubt of what will sprout,after […]

  • Love in the Dark

    This was written for August Prompt #2 on Free Verse Revolution.I stumbled upon this beautiful website and then was going through the contents when I saw the prompt “Love in the Dark”. Without second thoughts, I started writing and sent the poem. And to my delight, it has been chosen as one of the best […]

  • Laundry Day

    Sonya’s Three Line Tale #237 Sam thought he found a perfect hiding place- in the laundry room, inside the washing machine- away from his wife Joe’s constant reminder of importance of work out and burning the calories. He made himself comfortable by choosing a comfy posture, swinging his legs in merry, thinking his wife will […]

  • My Colors

    For Sadje’s What Do you See #42 Come, fall in love with my colors,I have one for every reason,adorned upon my sublime body,but hidden in the absence of light. Come, choose your color of like,for them in me shall never dry up.Over a lifetime of casting spells,Have I collected much more to the stock. They […]

  • Misanthrope

    Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #169 MLMM – Wordle #201 Axiomatic– (pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious), Technique,Space, Touch, Aquarius, Unique, Critical, Breadcrumbs, Two, Think, Lost and Found, Wall As an eccentric hippy and an independent loner, his misanthropic technique was axiomatic as he never gave space to any other humans. […]

  • Footprint Tableau

    For MLMM – Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip – Aug 8,2020 Again a new form – a Tableau 🙂 The TableauThe Tableau, a poetry form created by Emily Romano in October of 2008, consists of one or more verses, each having six lines. Each line should have five beats. There is no set rhyme scheme, […]

  • My Shadow, Me, My Light

    Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, August 4, 2020 from Go Dog Go Cafe– Beneath the surface of the night Beneath the surface of the night,Some miserable souls ramble,In disgrace they dwell,Not knowing where,the wretched path will lead them to. Beneath the surface of the night,When the world hides from light,Darkness encounters empathy,Those somber minds open up,They […]

  • Grand Mystery

    Sadje’s What do you see – #40 Six cups for the six little urchins,In the old mansion by the river.Steaming milk in the jugslowly drowning powdered chocolate.A plant long forgotten ,starved,dies a slow death on the food table.The shabby walls shouting out the crunch,but one grand chair unwilling for mercy.Paintings -two- strange- overlook the scene,One […]