My Promise #writephoto

For Sue's Thursday Photo Prompt - Tokens -#writephoto A promise to render from myself,a promise to keep forever.Seasons, winds and life may change.But I shall stand affirm in my word.True as vastness of the sky,and white love from moon.As deep is the red for poinsettia-bleeding flesh of heavenly embodiment,in such a depth runs my source... Continue Reading →

Meet and Part Drama – #writephoto by Sue, Weekly Haiku Prompt# 318 by Ronovan

Combining Sue's Thursday Photo Prompt and Ronovan's Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge # 318 - MEET and PART Romancing darknessreconciled trees with crescentgolden dawn partingdawn encounters darkunder the tree with moon sliceunvoiced feelings part holding on to lovenight gripping on fair moon piecereluctant to part expedient smileunfinished love notes from moonparting at the meet grief stricken... Continue Reading →

Tufts of Dreams

For Sue's Thursday Photo Prompt - Clouded - #writephoto For the tufts of clouds were dreamy,the white harbingers of happiness.Gently casting shadows o imaginations,on the far stretch of the green moor,bringing into life hares and deer ,and a land of wild fantasies.A steady rhythm of gentleness,an air of calmness and an ever changing perimeter of... Continue Reading →

The Guardian

Thursday photo prompt: Guardian¬†#writephoto Bridging the blue and green,Stood those rocks of grey.The many faces stood firm,with freckles of anxious wait.Guarding the shores for eons,have made them heavy with burden.The muffled moans of the sea,trying to seduce them towards.Racing again and again to the land,To steal the blooms in palettes of sky.Succeed they will never,As... Continue Reading →


Written for Sue Vincent's Daily Echo - CAUSEWAY An abandoned causeway,as a fluke, got in my way.A beauty with rarity,Hidden from all the noise.Goosebumps all over,when cool winds embrace.Each strand of my hair,dancing in rhythm.Emotions so raw,Gurgling within.Every pore oozing out,A moan of content.Pure joy and peace,Pleasure and delight.I wonder which another giant,Made this causeway,For... Continue Reading →

Cascading waters

Cascading waters,Imprinting river beds,No much politesse shown.Pick a pebble or two,Look for marks or words,The river etched on them.Songs from the distant land,Lore of the folks,Or maybe even names ofWho shared love on those banks.Dive in those waters.Feel her sing and dance,Hear her heavy breath,And feel her live.Dip in her blue waters,Let her care for... Continue Reading →

Thursday photo prompt: Eve #writephoto

Friendship for long years,Drowned ¬†in treachery.Betrayal always wiggled,through the tiniest of cracks.History lead the way.Examples were referred to.Adamant and cruel,Those fools stood firm,That 'he' should be burnt.'He' who saw the birth of time,'He' who saw the first of humans,'He' who gave them sense,'He' who led them straight.But who cared?Time and date fixed,For the flaming ceremony.The... Continue Reading →

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