The Proposal The wind one day, proposed me-the “home” he searched,he found in me.I was the warmth of sunlight,he wanted to soak in during rain.I smelled like spring whosecheer he wanted to retain.I was the color for his fall,and snow for his winter.The sleep for his eyes at night,and his sight for the day.I, for him... Continue Reading →

I Shall HUG the TREE/ Poem for 13/10/2019

I shall hug the tree , I thought,The single one who came thro' drought,The lack of life- she did mourn,She had no hope of them be born,But I had faith in Love, so I fought.Once upon a time she was sought,From her all fruits were bought,But now, apart she was torn,I shall hug the tree.Towards... Continue Reading →

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