Storms and Me

Penable Thursday Poetry Competition - STORMS Leon Skibitzki Raging storms have all gone by,Bending and breaking the whole of me.I have shivered, I have trembled,Wandered and got lost in the tempest.My ship has sunk and settled down,At the dark bottoms of rough violent seas,where something called light was unheard.I have seen death, I have been... Continue Reading →

Colors on my Canvas

Thursday Poetry Competition hosted by H R Phoenix PC : Pinterest A blank canvas with no palette strokes,a newborn mind with a colorless mind.As white as snow, the mind fills with fragranceof the white jasmine flowers,Pure and perfect of all this show.Mother’s love as safe as white,As pure and clean as white.Thus on a white... Continue Reading →

Your Fragrance

Memories of you linger here,Dancing to the tune of musicThat you played on your guitar,The first time we met.Oh!! My heart swells with pain,When I think of you and your smile,But my blood is no more red,For the love is lost with you.My brain here explodes,The neurons are birthing moreTo remember the painOf your love... Continue Reading →

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