For Eugi's Weekly Prompt - MAGIC PC : Christopher Campbell Magic is what I am called,and what runs in my veins.Of stardust and wishes and light,I might be a star, sprinklingenergy crystals all over.I hear whispered voicesfrom unseen worlds.Cosmic dreams, I see often,and I dare to live in them.I have a connection -so instant and... Continue Reading →

Bumble Bee

Written for Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Wordle #188Soapy, Reservation, Stay, Skid, Soi- disant( ((adj.) calling oneself thus; self-styled. so-called or pretended.)), Precipitate, Love, Silver, Palm, Cradle, Bumble - bee, Lace The bumble bee –How blessed is thee.Cradling life,In those palmsWith silver laces,Precipitating love.Staying soi- disant,Keeping reservations.Oh!! Bumble bee,Do not change dearie.Skid – don’t you,Into the soapy world.They... Continue Reading →

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