Choice/ Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet Should I stay inside-? And lay lazy beside- Smelling the boring Stuff inside? - snoring.   Do I have a choice?   Should I kill my time-? Staring at the lime On the walls so plain, Without much gain?   Do I have a choice?   Should I lament that day-?... Continue Reading →

We live in NARNIA/ Poem

Image Courtesy: Internet Do you reckon that - We live in Narnia? If I tell you that, Bear with me, won’t you? That Narnia, Under Aslan’s reign, Aslan- the mighty lion, A creed of rare gene, No comparison, by all mean.That Narnia, Under Aslan’s reign, Even the Gods of rain, Favored his reign- Such was... Continue Reading →

Writing a Poem/ Poem

Image Courtesy: Internet Oh, it’s time for bed. And my mind will flood With ideas you see, For diving in poetry sea.   Those were my thoughts, Rather, are my thoughts? Every night while on bed, Resting my aching back and head.   I rack my brains, To get fresh lines. Break away the reigns,... Continue Reading →

Wind of CHANGE/ Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet I do not remember why.I do not remember when.I stepped outside.It was a windy day.A strong gush of wind,Hit me hard.My neatly parted hair,Set on a flying frenzy.The wind,Carried dust within,And she like an ace artist,Took meTo be her canvas.Her perfect strokes,Made me her masterpiece.And then, she was gone.That was not... Continue Reading →

Soul of the Ocean /Poem

Ocean or the Sea?A big body of water?Is she just that?Well, if you ask me,I would call her a big Soul.A big big soul of emotions-Emotions galore within,Of intense glee and pride,Love and hurt,Sorrow and vengeance.Deep yet shallow,Vast yet wee,Mysterious yet obvious,Strange yet familiar.She rules it all,Yet she surrenders.She bears stories untold,Of pirates and ships,And... Continue Reading →

Inner Fire /Poem

I lay enclosed within, The dark walls of comfort, Cocooned in utter dark. You shall not . You cannot. You may not. Why me? Should I? Or Could I? Such was thy fear, Such was thy guilt, Such was thy trauma. One day But- My soul did find- The Voice. The glow within. I heard... Continue Reading →

Dreamcatcher / Poem

Behold !! Thy Dreams !!I will give you wings.For I can catch you now.Fly up high,In the sky. Fly fly free.Care for none. Through you shall I,Seek more life in me !!

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