Soham and I

DÉCIM POETRY CHALLENGE - Ronovan Each week we need to attempt a Décima, also known as an Espinela, poem,with a given prompt word for a specific rhyme line. This is my first time in the challenge and also in this Poetry form. More about Espinela or Décima poem, can be found here. About the form,There are 10... Continue Reading →

Green Horse

Mindlovemisery's Saturday Mix - Rhyme TimeOur rhyming words this week are: able, label, fable, cable, table, stableAnd I added some more 🙂 The green horse in the stable,Was tied to the green table,With a green cable.The horse had a label,It was heard that he was ableOf travelling through fables.The horse was seen from the gable,And... Continue Reading →

Tame a Flame

Again the same blame,They have come for the claim.Which was supposed to be a game,Turned out to be an excuse lame.Can you feel my pain,When I cannot tame my mane?I asked them this question same,But got a reply so shame.But how was I supposed to name,One bright and hot flame,In the confinements of a frame?Can... Continue Reading →

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