VOW THRO’ GREEN and PURPLE/ Poem for 19/10/20219

When heaven painted sky in Purple,Hand in hand, we moved to the haven,The vow -through all colors- green and purple.The journey to the land of purple,Where Lavender and Bougainvillea- full bloom inside a cavern, When heaven painted sky in Purple.When their bond so strong through trouble,We too did try to make love concern,The vow- through... Continue Reading →

Wind of Change/ Poem for 18/10/2019

The prompt for 18/10/2019 is First Time You were Disappointed. Honestly speaking, I do not remember that moment. But I did have many disappointments in life but I have been able to overcome all those with the support of my loved ones and my inner strength. There are other prompts like Heartbroken, Hurt, Resolve, Broken,... Continue Reading →

Time and Repeat/ Poem for 16/10/2019

Tik- toks the clockTik- toks the timeTime moves on Time flows fastFast is the dayFast is the nightNight give scares Night give dreamsDreams of colorsDreams of winningWinning is a feelingWinning is a choiceChoices that we makeChoices that we chooseChoose the betterChoose the bestBest is yet to comeBest is to trustTrust is strengthTrust in YouYou are... Continue Reading →

The BLACK Color/ Poem for 12/10/2019

I had written this poem before. Was taking a stroll in the park at night and this idea occurred to me. I tried personifying the Black color and delivered it in Free Verse poetry. The sun sets finally.The moment she has been waiting for,Since the dawn crawled in.She knew that the wait is worth.When the... Continue Reading →

The Touch/ Poem for 10/10/2019

In the life of a Canine, what holds more value than the love from his human? His gentle touch, the cuddles and snuggles and the embrace to feel his heartbeats and his human;s love for him- nothing and no one else matters to him more than that. I was fortunate enough to have one dog... Continue Reading →

Loneliness/ Poem for 11/10/2019

Today's prompt is Silence. To me, Silence brings in the idea of Loneliness. Living with my 4 year old, when silence is "happens only when he sleeps" situation, that is the time I try to write. And that is the time of my "ME TIME" and a feeling of Loneliness. Loneliness in a good way.... Continue Reading →

The Scent of Summer/ Poem for 8/10/2019

You know it's summer,When the sun is a bright amber.When the salty ocean smells,Get into your senses well.Of sun tan lotions smell them beaches,All with cold potions in reaches.Scent of dry grass and hay,Fills the air of May,Hot and sultry is the air,I can smell my sweaty hair. Prompt for 8/10/2019 : ScentI don't know... Continue Reading →

The Teetotaler / Poem for 7/10/2019

Teetotaler tried to tallyTotal tips the tenth time.Teetotaler could not tallyTotal tips the tenth time.Teetotaler twisted his tongueTried telling the tongue twister.The teetotaler twitched and twistedThe teetotaler trained to twistThe teetotaler then twistedTo tell the tongue twister.But,Teetotaler tried to tallyTotal tips the tenth time.Teetotaler could not tallyTotal tips the tenth time.Teetotaler then thought ten timesTeetotaler... Continue Reading →

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