Mommy is Here

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Saturday mix - Lucky Dip Poetry Form : Rhupunt  A gentle kiss,Warm hugs don’t miss,With your soft lips,Say I love you.The stars so bright,The moon’s white lightYou sleep real tight,Now close them two. I will be here,Always you’re near,I still can hear,Low hum from you. You don’t be scared,Mommy will dareTo take... Continue Reading →

Dear Womb / Poem for 3/10/2019

God made me and he made me a Woman.And when I asked for gift for life,He blessed me with the Womb.Cradling within me, within my body.This womb of mine bore the pain,And she bled causing distress.I forget, but she rememberedTo remind me of the woman I am.And when time came, she sheltered my son.Keeping him... Continue Reading →

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