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Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

  • Silhouette

    MLMM – Photo Challenge #371 A silhouette of suppressed desires,chaperoned with butter skin,twinkling eyes and a flashy smile.What has become of me;Me – as swift as a doe andand calm as her eyes.Me – as gentle as a snowflake,and as warm as the twilight.Me – as wide as the ocean,and twinkling like the little star.Me […]

  • Space Music

    Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #341 Nothing is lost in space other than the strong force that keep us grounded. We float as a weightless feather and look at earth as aliens. We feel lonely and we sometimes cry. If anything happens here, then we shall be among the space debris, along with our thoughts, ambitions, and […]

  • A Wedding Dress

    MLMM Saturday Mix – Double Take The ‘Double Take’ challenge focuses on the use of homophones* to build your writing piece. You have two sets of homophones and you are challenged to use all of them in your response – which can be poetry or prose.Our homophone sets this week are:aisle – walkwayI’ll – contraction of “I […]

  • Misanthrope

    Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #169 MLMM – Wordle #201 Axiomatic– (pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious), Technique,Space, Touch, Aquarius, Unique, Critical, Breadcrumbs, Two, Think, Lost and Found, Wall As an eccentric hippy and an independent loner, his misanthropic technique was axiomatic as he never gave space to any other humans. […]

  • The Asylum

    For Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #326 An old house with worn off paints and an eerie look stood on the left side of the road towards the end. They said mad men lived there- men with loose emotions and cursed tongues. They said they could always hear the cacophony of swears and cries from inside the […]

  • Yellow Spreads

    Mindlovemisery’s menagerie : Photo Challenge #322 Yellow stroke on faceFrom yours to mine color spreadsSoul liberatedDesolating petty normsBlind eyes but a yellow soul PS : Happiness here denoted as Yellow. This is written against the all the conditions the society has kept forward to fall in love. I have expressed that even a blind man […]

  • Reading

    Tale Weaver – #277 – Reading – 28th May Rendering soothing comfort,Exquisite experience with words,Alluring  with epitomes of everythingDragging  into a world with vivid emotions,Igniting imaginations within,Not to mention magic and fantasiesGo to place for solace. COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • Green Horse

    Mindlovemisery’s Saturday Mix – Rhyme TimeOur rhyming words this week are: able, label, fable, cable, table, stableAnd I added some more 🙂 The green horse in the stable,Was tied to the green table,With a green cable.The horse had a label,It was heard that he was ableOf travelling through fables.The horse was seen from the gable,And […]

  • Pit of Nonsense

    Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Writing Prompt – Uncontrollable Nonsense I have fallen to a pit of nonsense.Surrounded by whimsical attacks,Staggering truths poking me in the eyes.My nose smelling only rotten candies.My ears travelling in all directions,Just for getting pricked with flatteringCoated with sugar crystals.Oh!!! The pit is dark.But why did I even expect a light […]

  • Saturday Mix – Double Take

    Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Double Take Our homophone sets this week are:rheumy – having a watery discharge of mucousroomie – colloquialism for “roommate”roomy – lots of spaceandwaist – between ribs and hipswaste – make ill use of Me and my roomie,We did not want to get rheumy.We had a room so roomy,And no reasons to be gloomy.We cooked food and danced,We […]

  • Wordle #191

    Wordle #191 – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Words for Wordle #1911. earnest2. awake3. foliage4. aeromancy- the prediction of future events from observation of weather conditions.5. meretricious- alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions; tawdry/ based on pretense, deception, or insincerity/pertaining to or Characteristic of a prostitute.6. shoes7. running8. birch9. hamster10. smoke11. sleep12. hesitate The meretricious […]

  • Tale Weaver #276 – BOOK

    Tale Weaver #276 My heart has grown wings,And my brain, 2 legs.Together they march in unison,Legs with wings,Fancying a glance,or a look or a presence,Of the castle of words,Built on the banks Of love, pride, arrogance,Prejudiced by unpleasant emotions,Hope and helplessness.Flowing with induced meddling,Still love finds the deserved.Just as the river loses existenceinto the majestic […]

  • Nightmare or ?

    For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – First Line Friday Someday, this will be over– only remembered like some half-feltand fading nightmare.Will think your hope,Hoping this misery to end.Pulling you from one side,And trying to enter you from the other,Ripping your soul apart,And making you cry in vain.And then you realize-You can’t move a limb,Even if you want to […]

  • Everythinglessness

    Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Writing Prompt My words have all dried up,They flew away and away,Leaving me a barren mass.My hands numb as frozen,The ink no more flows fromMy pen to behold.Nor can my fingershold those curves.Gurgling mind is lost,And my brain left me dead.So tell me,How in this world,When lifelessness takes hold […]

  • White Flowers

    For Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #316 Burn me down,Into ashes grey.When no more embers,Collect them all.Feed me to those plants,Around your heart-The ones you plantedFor the love of me.Talk to them often,Like you did to me.Water them withYour red blood.It will take some time,But I shall be reborn.Watch me bloom – White flowers,between your fingers. COPYRIGHT […]