Moon’s Scandal

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Photo Challenge #318 The moon's mind heavy with grey clouds,And torn between the two - Earth or sky? - love or lust?His chalice was for the earth,And his blade for the sky.Blood oozing from his mind's gush-Deep enough to scarlet his abode.Two mute spectators - a raven and a man,Their eyes... Continue Reading →

Tale Weaver #276 – BOOK

Tale Weaver #276 My heart has grown wings,And my brain, 2 legs.Together they march in unison,Legs with wings,Fancying a glance,or a look or a presence,Of the castle of words,Built on the banks Of love, pride, arrogance,Prejudiced by unpleasant emotions,Hope and helplessness.Flowing with induced meddling,Still love finds the deserved.Just as the river loses existenceinto the majestic... Continue Reading →

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