Mystic Moonlight

Tuesday Writing prompt - Go Dog Go Cafe What shall I speak of thee,Oh dear moon, my dear moon.With craters as marks on you,But never letting your pains dim your light.What is love if not,Felt under your mystic light?No love is complete without you andYou have witnessed their hushed events.Listening to their night long... Continue Reading →


For Shweta's Saturday Six Word Story Prompt Loneliness 1. One pill once – addicted for life2. “Everything” around starts talking to you And here is a poem on Loneliness that I wrote last year. do read and comment 🙂 COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan,, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Into the deep mystic scape I dwell,hoping to find a long lost acquaintance.Pouring coffee into my favourite blue cup,Serving me hot chocolate cookies,making sure water is just right,And being there for me no matter what.Oh!! How have I missed that one rock of mine? To find the missing color of the rainbow,by travelling to other... Continue Reading →

Loner Days

This poem has been combined for several challenges and prompts. And they are Mindlovemisery’s Tale Weaver - i remember once Three Things Challenge by Di - last, entry, may FOWC with Fandango- experiment Daily Spur - official Word of the Day challenge- lone I remember once I had this life. Officially surrounded by throng, But... Continue Reading →

Not to be a WALLFLOWER/Poem

PC : Internet The red will become brown,And the brown too shall fade.Like every story on earth,She too shall wither- the wallflower.If each star is a soul from earth,She too shall end up as one,Or at least she wished.And that an eternal dream for her.She waited till the last breath.For she knew her time hereWas... Continue Reading →

Loneliness/ Poem for 11/10/2019

Today's prompt is Silence. To me, Silence brings in the idea of Loneliness. Living with my 4 year old, when silence is "happens only when he sleeps" situation, that is the time I try to write. And that is the time of my "ME TIME" and a feeling of Loneliness. Loneliness in a good way.... Continue Reading →

The Lone Mountain/ Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet Alone he stood- The lone mountain. Tall and bald, So hard and grey. A tree or two, Sprung up too, But they did burn, In the fiery sun.   Those greenish days, Were long gone by. When the clouds in grey, Showed some love. He longed for them, He loved them... Continue Reading →

Loneliness/ Poem

Loneliness.Entangled and entwinedWith my existence- destiny,Longing to ooze outThe child of dreams.When embraced with whole,Born is the creation,With beautiful mindAnd soul of poems.Loneliness.When confines the depressed,Liberates them certain souls,And meditation for them-The ones trying to deliverTheir babies of imagination,Seeking a warm quiet place,For their soul childTo take shape in words.Loneliness.Dropping in when all else leaves,Tethering... Continue Reading →

A Man and A Leopard

There once lived a man in a dense forest.  Deep in the forest where no one could reach or hear him. No one knows who he was, and how ended up living there. He did not even remember his name. He never smiled or cried or talked. He strayed in the forest, slept on the... Continue Reading →

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