Haiku Prompt Challenge – Ronovan

Haiku Prompt Challenge by Ronovan The challenge is to write one Haiku on given challenge words.. The prompts this week are – Finger and Planet. I have used 5/7/5 as my way in Haiku. I have always used this count.. Please find some tips to write Haiku in English here. Ronovan has given some amazing insights on Haiku Haiku... Continue Reading →

Yellow Spreads

Mindlovemisery's menagerie : Photo Challenge #322 Photo by Giovanni Calia on Pexels.com Yellow stroke on faceFrom yours to mine color spreadsSoul liberatedDesolating petty normsBlind eyes but a yellow soul PS : Happiness here denoted as Yellow. This is written against the all the conditions the society has kept forward to fall in love. I have expressed... Continue Reading →

Haiku Prompt Challenge – Ronovan

Written for Haiku Prompt Challenge - Ronovan . The challenge is to write one Haiku on given challenge words. . The prompts this week are - Ripple and Dwindle. I have used 5/7/5 as my way in Haiku. I have always used this count. . Please find some tips to write Haiku in English here.... Continue Reading →

The Dragon fruit

Anything is Penable Challenge by H R PhoenixI have tried a Haiku with the Dragon fruit Hot breath of dragonExampling opposite bindsFire, Snow in one fruit COPYRIGHT © 2019- 2020 Nima Mohan, thetenthzodiac.wordpress.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Orange / Haibun

Mindlovemisery's Photo Challenge #321 Three maple leaves on the road showcasing a bright contrast of colors. Orange or golden as the color of fall, against the dark or grey of the road. About to take my steps, I see the face of time down below, smiling at me. I withdraw and wait and think.  The... Continue Reading →

Raindrops/ HAIBUN

PC: Mindlovemisery's menagerie (couldn't find the owner) Souls depart from earth to shine above. So is our belief. And so beautiful. But goodbyes... they always leave a trail of tears and sadness . It is painful and tragic. But what if .. what if the stars end their life in the sky to start a... Continue Reading →


The clouds taking shapes as they please- sometimes dragon and sometimes a bunny. Moving in the sky always- they never stop nor are they tired, always following the wind. White or grey – always follow the same rule.Thunder and lightning- they do their thing, Rain or sunshine- to read their mind. Clouds in grey and whiteDays... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart

Scream of heart breakDust carried away by windUnheard unknown silence Written for "Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 29th 2020, broken heart"

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