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Thursday Poetry Competition - FRIENDSHIP - Make some Room The strangest kind of love,Or be it called friendship,Lingered in the air of my room,Where its four walls breathed.A sense of comfort,A smell of consolation,Spoken without words,A sensation so strong.With warmth, they received me,Kept me safe with concern.Managed my all seasons,And kept with dignity.They've seen... Continue Reading →

Land of Love/ Poem

Beyond he blues,After all the waves have died,After all the salt evaporates,There is a place--where sea meets the sky.The eternal lovers will meet,And they will be seenIn an eternal tangle.The gloomy blues-Of both of them should vanish,And they wearing a robe-Of a new color of love.No.. no one has seen the color yet.Waters will be... Continue Reading →

When it was Childhood !! / Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet In those days of childhood, When I was under the hood, Of mom and dad and all around, When I was always home bound.   When all that mattered was just, The moment to be lived best, When dreams were limited, To a peer’s possessions –prized, When the concern was only... Continue Reading →

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