Safety in Deception

Sadje's What do You See #66 Image credit; Teslariu Mehai @ Unsplash I have closed my eyes foreverwith the mere wish to never open,for even if I did, what other thanfake skin and smile to see?I trust in colors no more,neither do I place my faithin that mask you have put on.I have seen the... Continue Reading →

Your Fragrance

Memories of you linger here,Dancing to the tune of musicThat you played on your guitar,The first time we met.Oh!! My heart swells with pain,When I think of you and your smile,But my blood is no more red,For the love is lost with you.My brain here explodes,The neurons are birthing moreTo remember the painOf your love... Continue Reading →

Between the Stars/ Poem

PC: Google The stars.I see them scattered-Like someone threw them,From a basket- swaying,From left to right,Or right to left.I see them shining.I see them blinking.The black sky beingThe perfect backdrop,To brighten their sparkle.And the dark.The dark between the stars.The intriguing dark.Layers and layers of secrets,Hidden behind the shiny faces. Entombing stories of cosmic world,      Or... Continue Reading →

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