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I wish to be an Intense Star.

Pc : Ihor Malyitskyi Lights in the night sky flickering,shooting shimmer into my eyes.Drowsy but searching for some lies,to not believe in whisperingsfrom past moments still lingering.Sensing the dark between the stars,like the blood flowing from my scars,enough to birth a million me.Scintillating above dark seas-I wish to be an intense star.

The Night and My Soul -(Poem for 1/10/2019)

Image Courtesy : A wandering Soul I am, Digging around for the Fire- The fire that kept me alive, I lost it to the Night. ********************************* I was bright and beautiful, I was brave and smart. But the night- Oh the night, Could not stand my pride. The night you know- Wicked and wild,... Continue Reading →

The Black Color/ Poem

Image Courtesy :Internet The sun sets finally. The moment she has been waiting for, Since the dawn crawled in. She knew that the wait is worth. When the scorching sun Blazed upon everything, She lay hidden in dark. In far off places where Sun rays withered. For if they found her, She would cease. She... Continue Reading →

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