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Tag: broken

  • Wind of Change/ Poem for 18/10/2019

    The prompt for 18/10/2019 is First Time You were Disappointed. Honestly speaking, I do not remember that moment. But I did have many disappointments in life but I have been able to overcome all those with the support of my loved ones and my inner strength. There are other prompts like Heartbroken, Hurt, Resolve, Broken,…

  • Darkness / Poem

    Darkness.It has a character you see – That you have molded and Exerted since ages.Dreadful and scary.Eery and creepy.Intimidating.You see no sun,And you have darkness.You see no moon and stars,And you have darkness.You see no light,And you have darkness.You see no love,And you have darkness.Beneath the seasAnd beyond the skies,Deep holes andDark caves,Darkness is contained.And when you…