The Enchanting Sorceress

Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Bewitched Flavio Gasperini @ Unsplash Like Narcissus by the river,bewitched and bewildered, I the most enchanting sorceress-                    -Life-I am fascinated and entrancedby my own reflections of her.I can see flowers bloomingover my head when am happy.I can see the blue sky of memoriesbright and blue with clouds thatpass with each... Continue Reading →

The Moor/ The Secret Garden

PC : Myself Not inclined to sleep,She sat and looked out of window.Not exactly frightened but,No knowing what might happen,In a house standing on the edge of a Moor.Mary waited in the darkness of her corner,Keeping her eyes on the window.She could see nothing but,Dense darkness on either side. Her face against the window,Road seemed... Continue Reading →


I am the atom, the molecule,I am the matter - big and small.I am the air and I am the wind,I am the force that make them shift.I am the sun and the burning yellow,I am the one who burns all day. I am the moon and I am the white light,I am the dark... Continue Reading →

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