Colors on my Canvas

Thursday Poetry Competition hosted by H R Phoenix PC : Pinterest A blank canvas with no palette strokes,a newborn mind with a colorless mind.As white as snow, the mind fills with fragranceof the white jasmine flowers,Pure and perfect of all this show.Mother’s love as safe as white,As pure and clean as white.Thus on a white... Continue Reading →

The BLACK Color/ Poem for 12/10/2019

I had written this poem before. Was taking a stroll in the park at night and this idea occurred to me. I tried personifying the Black color and delivered it in Free Verse poetry. The sun sets finally.The moment she has been waiting for,Since the dawn crawled in.She knew that the wait is worth.When the... Continue Reading →

The Black Color/ Poem

Image Courtesy :Internet The sun sets finally. The moment she has been waiting for, Since the dawn crawled in. She knew that the wait is worth. When the scorching sun Blazed upon everything, She lay hidden in dark. In far off places where Sun rays withered. For if they found her, She would cease. She... Continue Reading →

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