The Sunshine Blogger Award

The tenth zodiac is blinded by the Sun. He shines so bright here now !!Because, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by 3 awesome people - And this is going to be a long post !! Era of The Hidden Soul Mayowa of The Grey Clover Jofina of Merak_Ibe with Jophiel About... Continue Reading →

My Small Joys !!

Hello Everyone !!This is a special kind of nomination by our own Bold Girl of The Bold VibeShe is very special in many ways !! She fills in her blog with so many things, that will both entertain and make us think. A great writer, who express herself with not just words but memes, emojis... Continue Reading →

The Outstanding Blogger Award

This Zodiac has been nominated for the first time for "Outstanding Blogger Award " by Anisha of Crazienerds. Let me tell you about her. If you want to fill your mind with some really "out of the box" thinking and some cool and crazy ideas on prompts, her blog is the right place. She has... Continue Reading →

10 of my favorite feelings

I was nominated for this tag by Shweta Suresh . She has a beautiful blog containing everything to keep readers like me and you entertained. Guys, make sure you read her Tiny Tales section; it has some amazing tales that are tiny yet interesting. Also she hosts a challenge - The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt,... Continue Reading →

Wanna Know You Better

Thank you Era for nominating this award and I accept it with full glee 🙂 🙂 Hmm .. what to say about Era.. !!! Well she is a doctor by profession and a writer and a poet and a beautiful soul. She always reads whatever I write,and she never fails to encourage me with her... Continue Reading →


I was nominated for this award by H.R Phoenix.If you have not checked out her blog, you should. She has some amazing write ups, short stories, book reviews and everything that will interest you. So go and check out her blog guys 🙂 Phoenix.. am so sorry for doing this late post. I was supposed... Continue Reading →


The sun rises for the_tenth_zodiac for the first time here !!! Who would not like some sunshine when the grey clouds take up most of the skies here these days ?I have been nominated by Anisha . Have you been to her blog ?? Well if you have not you should. Such an awesome poet... Continue Reading →

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