The Old Life

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie - Photo Challenge #320 Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on The four sides of the rectangle,closing in from all sides.The vicious circles of life,On a mechanical spiraling frenzy.Melodies of memories made,Damp and dry smell of roads crossed,Beauty of the old handsome gulmohar tree,Standing tall and braving odds,laying down a carpet of orange.I have spent... Continue Reading →


Written for Eugi's Weekly Prompt I turn the pages of my mind,My hollow eyes meet a young girl,With sparkling eyes, staring at me.Less freckles and lines,Messy hair but no colored streaks,Lean but fat with ideas,Eyebrows undone but swollenWith shining droplets of sweat.Adorning some silly wishes of mind,She floats around- weightless,Worries and scars so unknown.Turning back... Continue Reading →

Memories or Greveyards/ Poem

One day I decided to ruminate.What else can we do?They are those bits of life,Lived on just once.The bitter truths or Sugar coated lies.With closed eyes, IEntered the dark forest barefoot,And did not take any torch.Sharp stones scraped my skin,Sharpened thorns cut into flesh.Glowing embers here and there,Some about to die, spitting stench.Seemed like graveyard... Continue Reading →


PC : Google Also Graveyards !!! Yes. Memories can be compared with graveyards - where we bury all the unwanted people,"those bad moments" . The not-so-good everything is buried in our memories and we move on with life. Also in one way, aren't we all dead in someone else's memory ?? Hence "Graveyard". Here is... Continue Reading →

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