Bird of Spirit

What do you See by SadjeThe challenge is to make a post on a picture given (original story, poem or a caption) and then to create a pingback.Saturday Mix - Opposing Forces, 4 July 2020Challenge is to make use of antithesis in writing. We will need to use the two opposing words in your response... Continue Reading →

Blue and Lavender/ Poem

The blue delights,And lavender excites.The wind perils,And so do the thrills.Yesterday was a treasure,And today is measureOf all the long roads,That have been rode,And the narrow ones ahead.Today's abode retreats,And maybe tomorrow's too.Today will be history,And the rest will be a story.The world through the windows,Is such a confined one.But the choice-Is always yours.But still,The... Continue Reading →

Choice ( Poem for 5/10/2019)

When the mind keeps aloof and you shut down the world from you, only you are to be blamed for missing the wonders of the life. And finally when you muster up the courage to finally open up, make the heart so hard and the mind be of stone. So that the infinite possibilities find... Continue Reading →

Choice/ Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet Should I stay inside-? And lay lazy beside- Smelling the boring Stuff inside? - snoring.   Do I have a choice?   Should I kill my time-? Staring at the lime On the walls so plain, Without much gain?   Do I have a choice?   Should I lament that day-?... Continue Reading →

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