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Author: Nima Mohan

  • Life On the Beach

    Decima Poetry Challenge by Ronovan – Prompt No. 68: (BEACH) in the A rhyme line. There, on the shiny sandy beach,I lived – morning, noon, eve and night,counting days not, but breaths alright.I knew not what she wished to teach,Her blue sadness – I had to breach.So I lived on the sandy shore,where the hermits hid […]

  • I See Love

    What happened to the life here?Scattered in the winds,is the smell of breath,and rising in the east,is the golden sun.Picnic seats empty,yet hope prevails as sunshine.Music plays endless-soothing the gasping soul.Nature swings hence and forth,still none takes notice.Why am I here?My life was pleasant ,but not vibrant.Maybe it was vibrant,but not at all amusing.Or was […]


    Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #215 Bleeding be my forte.Into the night, I whisper my verses.But when in short of ink, I use my crimson share. (Word Count – 22)

  • Silhouette

    MLMM – Photo Challenge #371 A silhouette of suppressed desires,chaperoned with butter skin,twinkling eyes and a flashy smile.What has become of me;Me – as swift as a doe andand calm as her eyes.Me – as gentle as a snowflake,and as warm as the twilight.Me – as wide as the ocean,and twinkling like the little star.Me […]

  • My Clown/ Clone

    Sixains and Paint Chips by LINDA KRUSCHKE The moon- halo of a polished stone,above the alpine crossroads,The jade rabbit sounded mystical,his loud hum turning cynical.Red lipstick and blush blended broad,A clown – in faded jeans- my clone.

  • Alive with some Flutter

    Eugi’s Weekly Challenge – FLUTTER Through the corners of my eyes,with a flutter so gentle,breezing the lashes a bit,out went my dreams.Weighed down by hopes,nestled inside my heart chambers,inked in languages of soliloquy,and draped in monologues,unfurling unknown storiesof rare and vivid sentiments.Perching on to the rope,woven by strings of shadowsand moonbeams,entangled with my sleepy murmurs,and […]

  • I wish to be an Intense Star.

    Lights in the night sky flickering,shooting shimmer into my eyes.Drowsy but searching for some lies,to not believe in whisperingsfrom past moments still lingering.Sensing the dark between the stars,like the blood flowing from my scars,enough to birth a million me.Scintillating above dark seas-I wish to be an intense star.

  • Wild Love

    Ronoan’s Decima Poetry Challenge #42 – ” CARE ” in the D Rhyme line There lived once a white wildflower,who fell in love with orange sun.She basked in his love from day one,waiting for his love to tower.Scattering her love like strong flour,hoping to bake life with his warmth.Her love returned in yellow swarms,his heat […]

  • Safety in Deception

    Sadje’s What do You See #66 I have closed my eyes foreverwith the mere wish to never open,for even if I did, what other thanfake skin and smile to see?I trust in colors no more,neither do I place my faithin that mask you have put on.I have seen the grin behind,showing yellow teeth with blood […]

  • Suppressed Words

    Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge # 41 – SHIMMER in ‘c’ rhyme line I can hear some words suppressed deepinto the dark creepy dungeons,where even the blow of bludgeonwill fail to shed a tear to weep.The sound of silence growing steepwith the death of candle’s shimmer,Our flame of love getting dimmer.Holding on to the void between,entwines […]

  • Quote on Love

    Deima Poetry Challenge #40 – FLOAT in the B Rhyme line – by Ronovan When the last leaf from lemon tree-the golden one with wind shall float,those last words of love I shall quote,dipped in gold and etched in pure glee.Lugged by a weak crippled feathery,that shall squawk across the oceans,in constant vain and devotion,insisting […]

  • When Parallels meet

    Sadje’s What do You See #63 In parallel we walk- me and my thoughts.Everyday towards the horizon,hand in hand, in a slow pace.We have covered miles and miles,turning each milestone into gems,precious memories etched on them.In hope of distant dreams,to the land where shadows are caston the clouds by the morning sun.And our faces lit […]

  • Wait

    Sadje’s What do you see #59 The moon had stories to tell.How waxing made himshed his darkness day by day.How his beloved silhouettes of birdscarried his dark sides as their soul.They said- “no part of moon can ever be dark”.Into the land of night they flew,embracing darkness and cold.Casting shadows of lonelinessand whispering tales of […]

  • Be a Chameleon

    Sonya’s Three Line Tales – # 255 Getting lost in a world of colors is easy. Be a chameleon. But when the animal remembers its actual color, make sure to at least try to remember your old colors time to time – just in case !!

  • Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #336

    Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge # 336 – Mad, Sane Lucid dreams reelingmorning smothers happy endsinsane punishment Mental murmuringsmeandering thoughts head back homealchemy of words Insane memoriespricking and prying on livingsanctioned sanity