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About The tenth Zodiac

For everyone patient enough to know this restless part of me, here is just a trailer of what I “think” I am. Coz, sincerely, I have not yet discovered myself completely !! And lucky are those who truly know who and what they are.
So here it is..

I think I am a human torn between several realms of life – a daughter, a wife and a mother. I face so many chaos on a daily basis – the several emotional tantrums I throw at them. Luckily, I still have them !!!!

I am fascinated by nature. Simple things in nature excites me. The leaves swaying in the wind and the beautiful music they make while they do so. The clouds passing by making different shapes, the leaves when they reflect moonlight at night, the bird sounds, the waves of sea, sound of rain, the petrichor.. to name a few.I could spend an entire day watching the sun, clouds, the trees, the leaves, the flowers , the birds, the wind. I could also spend the night gazing the moon, the stars, the dark silhouettes, listening to the silence.

For me, everything is a miracle. Also I believe that Narnia, do exist. And I am in a continuous search of the cupboard that will take me there . Or maybe the lamp post lost somewhere in the woods.

Solitude and company, rain and sun, noise and silence, day and night.. are dear to me. See.. maybe I am a mix of contradictions. Hmm.. !!!

This is all for the time being. I promise to add more when I find out more.

And If you really feel like asking me more questions, feel free to ask me 🙂

~Moon love and starry shine~ from the tenth zodiac ❤

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