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Safety in Deception

Sadje’s What do You See #66

Image credit; Teslariu Mehai @ Unsplash

I have closed my eyes forever
with the mere wish to never open,
for even if I did, what other than
fake skin and smile to see?
I trust in colors no more,
neither do I place my faith
in that mask you have put on.
I have seen the grin behind,
showing yellow teeth with blood stains
of those already misplaced.

I have covered my ears too.
I do not wish to hear the sweet songs
with neatly placed words,
that flow like poetry into me.
I know, you do not mean it.
I know about the rumors
smartly folded like paper planes
ready to be launched against me.

I do not wish to speak anymore.
I may use up my love and
all my words for you,
but it may not interest you.

So the black veil, I wear.
And over that a pretty face
and  a sweet smile,
that was bought online.
Fearing the day when the real me,
the real and  raw me,
with all my imperfections and
wrinkles and crow’s feet
will be exposed.
But I know I will be safe,
as you too do the same.
So dear friend, let us pretend
to co-exist in this deception.


19 thoughts on “Safety in Deception

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          1. Ohh ok .. I guess they’ll give the kids below 6th grade an option .. and I too will opt for online 👍
            Situation is really getting better here .. but with kids, somehow I still feel unsafe .. she had got the swine flu home too and a cure was just IN then and I was expecting my second one .. gosh they had said we can’t promise much about the baby’s organ developments 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ohhh… that would have been a real tense situation ..
              And yes.. kids .. how much we explain to them, i have found no use.. whenever we go out, i tell him not to touch the eyes and nose… and then when i turn around, i see him doing exactly the same thing 🥴🥴🥴

              Liked by 1 person

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