Space Music

Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge #341


Nothing is lost in space other than the strong force that keep us grounded. We float as a weightless feather and look at earth as aliens. We feel lonely and we sometimes cry. If anything happens here, then we shall be among the space debris, along with our thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations. Sometimes, I feel I will not make it back. What if I have lost my last chance to fill my lungs with air of earth? What if I will no more touch the soil with my bare feet? Hence, I play my song to soothe myself. Hoping that the notes shall stay floating here forever and the hymns shall reverberate throughout. Maybe one day, some dreamer with desires like me will come here- defying gravity. Maybe, like me, he too shall feel lonely floating around. Then, maybe my music will comfort him and his heart shall be at rest.


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