Words if Must/ OctPoWriMo 2020 Day 4

OctPoWriMo 2020 – Day 4

Poetry Prompts: Write for ten minutes allowing your words to go where they want to go, let them fall onto the page. If you weren’t afraid, what would you write? Follow the words. Breathe, step forward, and fall.
Word Prompts :Falling, Breathe, Fearless
Poetry Prompts : The Blitz Poem or Grá Reformata

I chose Blitz Poem

Short of breath
Short of words
Words to write
Words to inspire
Inspire the mind
Inspire the world
World is changing
World is struggling
Struggling people
Struggling thoughts
Thoughts emerge
Thoughts ripple
Rippling water
Rippling air
Air smells bad
Air lacks oxygen
Oxygen to breathe
Oxygen for life
life moves on
life steps forward
forward is future
forward is destiny
destiny awaits
destiny calling
calling of the void
Calling of  depths
depths of emotions
depth of fall
fall of leaves
fall of seasons
seasons change
seasons repeat
repeat the cycle
repeat the process
process of writing
process of poetry
poetry to dream
poetry to transform
transform the soul
transform the way
way to move
way to walk
walk to the end
walk to the finish
finish is near
finish is a must
must you leave
must you be fearless

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