Desires to Tame / OctPoWriMo Day 6

OctPoWriMo Day 6

Poetry Prompts : . What is your desire and how can you follow your desire? Write for ten minutes about what you desire and possible steps to get your there. 
Word Prompts: Desire, Steps, Drive
Poetry Type: Converse Or Monotetra

I chose Converse

PC : Diana Simumpande @Unsplash

Fill my plate with desires – all,
feed me with an endless fall.

Like, between the season’s hiatus,
my desires part me by stratus.

Riding on time’s ticking melody,
uncertain play of mind and body

I know not when or if I will touch them,
for am blind inwards, it’s dark at the hem

Offer me candle flame or at least a speck,
I shall light and clear my path for the long trek

the long journey thus begins with my plate and flame
as a trainer with the purpose- desires to tame.


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