Dear Heart

OctPoWriMo 2020 – Day 3

This is the entry for Day 3 of OctPoWriMo 2020 :). Exactly late by 1 month 😀

Word Prompts :Beauty, Chaos, Feelings
Poetry Type : Free Verse or Create your own poetry type, play with the words and spaces, rhyming and timing, counting and shape.

Dear heart,
With open eyes you seek and
with strong words you speak.
What we have left but, are chaos.
Coz, what you really seek
is all masked and hidden out there.
What you speak flows out,
never without alterations and alliterations.
You cannot be blamed at all,
coz the soul converses with you,
what the soul very well knows.
The wild and wandering soul,
has learnt to be with disorders,
with passion and kindness.
You my dear heart,
have yet to learn-
learn to embrace all the tumults,
the heaving of noises and
the contractions of your walls.
It takes real strength to beat,
to sustain life like nothing’s changed.
The scarred body you call home,
has endured the wildest of storms,
hit by lightning, deafened by thunders.
You with your love and,
soul with the magic stayed together-
like wedded through thick and thin,
till death do apart.
And what followed was miracle.
Amidst all the uncertainties and
wrong words spoken and
bad decisions,
for the bleeding heart,
for the wounded soul,
for the seeking eyes-
life was revealed.


21 thoughts on “Dear Heart

Add yours

        1. Am good dear.. and where did this “madam” pop from? Dont do that dear ❤

          We are moving towards winter now.. climate great and everything is perfect .. but we cannot go out !!!! That is the only problem 😦


            1. Well.. I was not feeling myself for some days and decided to give it a break.. Was over stressed and everything. Hopefully I will be able to be a regular now 🙂

              And currently am reading your posts.. am bombarding your blog with comments 😛


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