Bleeding Shadows

Combining two prompts here 🙂

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Ghostly and Foresight

Maxime Caron @Unsplash

What tells the ghostly grey shape,
on the wall, there, right beside…
mimicking my walk and my dance,
mimicking my every move.
What foresight been bestowed with,
for being always an opponent to light?
How beautifully it derived that,
away from all the masked talks,
and the corseted and rainy days,
we all need someone to lean on.
A silent listener never to judge,
a mute audience never to betray.
They serve this purpose so well.
Ruling the reflections and
lurking in the darkest places,
With their free mind and
without pre-ordained notions.
Why left ignored always,
for when there is light,
there are shadows present too.
Like the clear blue sky,
and the bright light tells stories,
The grey clouds and hidden stars,
and grey shadows will always have more to tell.
We only have to be ready to drink in,
when they bleed more such tales.


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