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Let Go

OctPoWriMo – Day 10

Poetry Prompts:
Write for ten minutes, or more if necessary, about what you want/need to let go of, what still triggers upset when you think of it, what turns your stomach. If you have your own way of letting it go, do so when you are finished writing. If you don’t, one way I like to let go is to burn the page (in a safe container or outside in a firepit – be safe) and visualize myself letting it go as the smoke drifts away.
Word Prompts: Letting go, forgiveness, victory, smoke
Poetry Type: Tyburn Or CinqTroisDecaLa

I chose CinqTriosDecaLa

Pc: Google

A fragile silly dandelion lingering in the smoke
dancing without music, eyes are closed and left alone to choke.
Yesterday pulls me to the left and tomorrow to the right,
Torn between the old and new, I hold on to a wretched plight.
I once belonged to the soil, unaware of the light above,
The dark, wet and muddy haven but suddenly not behove.
Erupting into the world of warmth and light, I lost my trove.
I let go of yesterdays- memories mixed with dirty strokes.
I realize- I do not belong to the sky, air, left, right.
I make wishes come true, I live free, and I always let go.


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