Song of Despair

MLMM – First Line Friday – He laid awake and said the name into the night.

OctPoWriMo – Day 9
Poetry Prompts:
Shifting from your head to your heart. Write for five minutes focusing on your head, your thoughts. Then write for five minutes focusing on your heart, your feelings. Did you notice a difference?  What does that look and feel like to shift from your head to your heart? Shift again and be silly with it, humor always lightens things up. Remember to keep your heart in your creativity and everything you do.
Word Prompts: Thoughts, feelings, heartfelt, practical, whimsical
Poetry Type: Loop Poetry Or Palindrome

I chose Loop Poetry

I have used my heart and my brain to write this poem. When the flow of ideas comes from the heart, there is no structure to be followed. But in order to fit the poetry into a specific form, the words need to be chosen carefully. Hence the use of brain to perfect the structure.

He laid awake and said the name into the night,
Night too was lonely today just as he was.
Was he hallucinating to hear whispers at night?
Night just like him threw some words into thin air.

Their love was missing tonight,
Tonight was of the new moon,
Moon who was their hope and light,
Light for night and hope for him.

Every night he wrote poems for her,
Her, who he loves ardently and strongly,
Strongly but never had the zeal to transfer,
Transfer wishes from his heart to hers.

Night was broken too, for she found her shine,
Shine that trespassed her soul boundaries,
Boundaries that kept emotions at bay,
Bay for others but the moon love quenched her thirst.

He wished the moon beams carried his words,
words that filled the void between him and her,
Her, when the words reached, it would pull the chords,
Chord that would play his music to her ears.

The whispers he heard were the silent cries
Cries that could be heard only by the lonely souls
Souls that could read the words of guise,
Guise that could transcend barriers of the mortal world.

The two lonely souls in darkness,
Darkness that made them say and whisper words,
Words , with them they wrote a song fondness
Fondness – with which they sang it with the deepest despair.  


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