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Light Shines Through

My first response to OctPoWriMo- 2020.
Already am 5 days late, but I promise myself to complete all the 31 prompts in 31 days of October. Last year, I took part in OctPoWriMo and I was so unsure about myself. It was only 5 months since I started blogging and never was a regular. Also I never took part in the daily prompts in the blogging world. But I was very proud of myself for having completed 31 poems by the end of October.

Morgan Dragonwillow is the creatrix of OctPoWriMo.
More details here.

Below is my first response to Prompt 1 of OctPoWriMo – 2020.
Poetry Prompts:
Shine your light is the main prompt for today, in fact it is the theme for this OctPoWriMo. Some have taken this time during the Pandemic to explore their talents and share them with others. How can you shine your light? Write for ten minutes exploring what shining your light means to you.
Word Prompts: Light, Shining, Bright, Sharing, Talent
Options for Poetry Type:  Acrostic or Kyrielle Sonnet

I chose Kyrielle Sonnet

Let me unleash the light in me,
the brightness that will indeed blind.
am done with being on a spree
For the world needs more being kind.

talents burning beneath my skin,
pricking my conscience and my mind.
They shall spill from above my chin
For the world needs more being kind

Kept them veiled till I was ready,
From the depths, polished and mined.
light from me shines already
For the world needs more being kind.

Let me unleash the light in me,
For the world needs more being kind.


40 thoughts on “Light Shines Through

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  1. A fine response to the challenge.

    I noted you used “conscious” in the second stanza. That works, but it made me wonder if you meant “conscience” instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great, great…. OctPoWriMo needs you, Nima ! I hope you won’t be late in the submission of the PoWriMo poems…”talents burning beneath my skin,
    pricking my conscious and my mind”. Excellent lines ! I know you can manage your time, Nima. Keep it up. Stay safe always!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. How lovely is this! I love the confidence that oozes out in your words! I’m in for a treat this month isn’t it? πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œway to go!
    This is definitely one of my favorite work of yours

    Liked by 1 person

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